Story of storage in Boston

Folks, I said I’d be back today with a rather different type of post. I was thinking back and forth about whether I would do it or not. Maybe this is not worth overthinking. I mean, what is the worst thing that could happen? What could happen because I’m talking about what I like about our storage in Boston? What could, of course, happen is that people representing other storages in Boston will be sad. That, I don’t really care about if I’m being honest.

Anyways, here we are now, and I’m going to follow through with what I initially talked about. Just want to give you guys some background to all of this. I work for an e-commerce company that was originally founded in Philadelphia. We ran our business there for about 10 years, expanding a little bit at a time. Then something happened. What happened was that we got promoted by a very popular internet celebrity. From one day to another, the demand for our products skyrocketed – literally skyrocketed. Since that kept on going, we realized we had to branch out. Something that we had looked forward to for a long time, but that we were scared of doing now that it was close. Boston was one city we wanted to come to, and we needed storage there. Considering how much more products our friends down in the south had to produce, we needed a big one.

The task of finding storage in Boston fell down in my knee. All of a sudden, that was my main task, and wouldn’t you know it; I actually liked it quite a lot. Finding a storage in Boston that would fit our needs was pretty tricky. Not to honk my own horn but I was working very hard during these days. Eventually, I found one that I really liked. It was perfect for what we needed. A big storage close to our new facilities in Boston.

These are the biggest perks of the storage place we got in Boston:

Large facilities – This was of course something that was really important to us. We wanted to make sure that we could fit all of our stuff under one roof. And not only that. We also wanted to make sure we could fit more products if the sales went up. Which they did, and that was never a problem.

Cheap – Compared to many other companies, whe storage in Boston that we choose was quite a lot cheaper. That’s never a bad thing!

Easy to contact – I love a good dialogue and hate the opposite. That goes for all collaborations and storage in Boston would never be an exception. This place – the storage I found and choose in Boston – was just what I wanted. They were easy to contact when we had questions and always picked up the phone.

Any questions about the storage in Boston, or about anything else?

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